Julie Ennis horse Bud photo - testimonial


I wanted to let you know how much I love the gloves that I purchased from you!

Every winter, I do NOT look forward to touching, much less grooming my horse due to the fact that I shock him and cause him to be uncomfortable. I have tried everything (wetting brushes, dryer sheets) to keep him from getting shocked but have been unsuccessful in doing so.

Until now, that is!

Since I started using your gloves, Buddy has not been shocked once. It’s amazing and I have found a product that I would highly recommend. The gloves do a great job loosening all of the dirt and hair.

In addition, I have carpal tunnel in both of my hands so it is very common for me to drop brushes which is simply irritating. Since you have them in the form of gloves, no more dropping curries and having to search for them under the horse. And I can do anything with the gloves on if need be without taking them off – drop a crosstie to let another horse pass, etc.

Lastly, I find these gloves exceptional because I can use them everywhere on the horse instead of switching brushes (for the legs, face, ears).

Your gloves are a must have in any grooming box!

Julie Ennis and “Buddy”

Russ Petermson dog - testimonial - edited


We are very happy with the B Comfee, LLC and Grooming Hands™!

They do a good job grooming our dog and are very easy and convenient to use. We have had no static electricity while using them and this is certainly the weather and time of year where that could be a problem.

We do actually keep them near the door so when our dog is coming in we go over him quickly and it helps greatly to keep shedding to a minimum in the house.

We think you have a great product and wish you well in your promotion and selling of this very useful tool!

– Russ P.

Daryl playing keep-away - testimonial


We are very pleased with the gloves!

Our Dog is a 10 month old rescue mixed breed male named Daryl.  We have had him since he was 9 weeks old.  I thought you may find these pictures from today interesting.

We groom him outside with the gloves before we bring him back in after a walk and he decided to play a game of “keep away” with the gloves.  Much fun was had by all and the gloves were not damaged!

Anyway, have a good day!

– Russ P.


Mani really enjoyed the Grooming Hands™ massage.  Here is a short video showing her pleasant experience.

Good luck,

– Jacki


The idea of the glove is great. I loved using them especially with cleaning legs. Using these gloves makes it easy to get the dirt off around difficult areas such as legs, hips and faces of the horses. The kids in the barn all loved them and made it easy for them to handle grooming. This is a great idea that makes grooming quick and easy. And a plus that the kids love them.

Shannon B.


I am a big fan of your grooming gloves!

I am impressed with how well it has held up to the vigor’s of daily grooming, and my mare appreciates the massage effect over her large muscle masses.


D. C.


A week ago I bought the pet glove,  A bit skeptical, but it works.  I took in a stray cat.  An old cat with a lot of problems and a very bad back,   Semi long hair and she loves it, plus I get tons of hair out of her.   My dog, a husky, is Kiska, the mascot of Dieruff High in Allentown.  As you said, does not get the undercoat, but does a great job taking off the top hairs.  And she loves the massage,  She is in true doggie heaven,  Telling my pet owner friends about these gloves.  Anything to help with shedding is a joy,

Karen C and Kiska, Willow, and Magnolia