Grooming Hands™ during heavy shedding season

Instructions for Grooming Hands™

Grooming the Tail

Grooming is a very vital part of the care you give to your pet.

It allows you to detect problems or sores, increases vascular flow, promotes healthier skin and coat, which will help make your pet happier, more relaxed and preform at their best.

Grooming Hands™  reduces static electricity in dry weather.

Most of all they will love you for it!

The smooth portion of the palm and index finger tip allows for wiping loose fur or runny eyes or nose, and the rectangle fingertips aide in the inspection of the skin and undercoat.

  1. Start by gently massaging or scratching around the ears and neck area of your pet.  Gently glide hand(s) around jaws while massaging/scratching, then to the forehead and around the eyes.  Pay attention to your pet to see if there are any signs of alertness or uncertainty.  If you’re pet becomes anxious, go back to massaging an area where you know they enjoy being scratched to calm them.  Then gently glide hand(s) to the area where your pet became anxious, and the anxiety should subside.  (Repeat that process if necessary).
  2. When finished brushing around the face of your pet, glide hand(s) to the shoulders and massage, (moving fingers in a scratching motion while moving hand in a circular direction), applying some more pressure.  Using the same technique glide hands to the torso, chest, between front legs, belly, rump and thighs of your pet.
  3. In a sweeping motion with your hand(s) open, stroke the areas massaged, as if you were petting your pet.  This will remove some excess hair while brushing the fur in its natural direction.  This procedure can help untangle the long fur/hair.
  4. Gently massage the forearm of the legs and anterior portion of the shin.  If your pet seems sensitive to this just use the index finger and thumb in this area.  While running your index finger and thumb down the legs, be aware of any possible sores or swelling on the legs.

Enjoy your time massaging your pet and allowing the bond between you to grow and shine.