Grooming Hands™ Gallery

Working on Markley (standardbred horse)

Massaging and Grooming Jonas (Labrador mix dog, finer hair)

Sadie in Action (Australian Shephard/Cattle dog)

Owen’s Turn (mixed breed dog)

Our Happy Customers & More!

Because of the unique design of the gloves, you are able to still grasp and manipulate small things.

Hair from your pet, even the undercoat, will be gently removed.

Say goodbye to all of your brushes and gear for grooming a horse. You just need Grooming Hands™!
1 Bailey 4 Mani from Last Chance Ranch 1 Sadie 1
 1 Sadie 8.jpg belly Alpaca with Grooming Hands (tm) Gloves  Dr. Zalinski's happy cats using Grooming Hands (tm)
1 DSC00654 Ted grooming his colt, under neck Julie Ennis horse Bud photo - testimonial
Have a great story with your pet and Grooming Hands™?  We’d love to hear about it and feature both of you in our gallery!