Pet Massage and Grooming Gloves

Grooming Hands™ bring you and your companion closer.  

Whether you have a horse, dog, cat or other furry loved one, your pet will enjoy every moment of grooming with our advanced anti-static properties and proprietary massaging design.  And, you’ll enjoy the ease and simplicity of using a glove over brushes.

The Science

The Design

  • Unique thermo plastic with anti-static properties
  • Carbon filaments throughout glove to reduce static discharge
  • Tested across hundreds of animals
  • Latex free
  • Specifically placed massage points for easy gripping and optimal pressure
  • Deep massaging tips on middle and ring fingers
  • Open access for thumb and tips of pointer and pinky fingers for dexterity


Benefits of Grooming Hands™

  • Use fingers to scrub the body, loosen dirt, dead skin and feel for lumps, scabs or ticks
  • Ability to use the cloth of the glove to wipe around eyes or nose or face, and legs
  • Able to pick up and/or hold leash, lead line, or halter
  • Massage muscles at the same time as brushing
  • You will never drop your brush again!
  • Use while bathing or washing your pet
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Designed and assembled in the USA

“I have tried everything (wetting brushes, dryer sheets) to keep him from getting shocked but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Until now, that is!” Julie Ennis

“Using these gloves makes it easy to get the dirt off around difficult areas such as legs, hips and faces of the horses.” Shannon B

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Grooming Hands™ in Action